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The art of landscape design is all about balancing many aspects. The distinction between hardscape and softscape, the two main categories of these elements, must be understood in order to know how to create a space employing both hardscape and softscape. While both are essential to creating a beautiful, attractive outdoor area, it’s important to keep in mind that they are polar opposites, just as their names imply. Many professional hard landscaping and softscape services are available these days and Jazlyne is one among them. They are the best hardscape company in Dubai that offers incredible garden and landscaping services.

Hardscape refers to the hard elements in your landscape, such as concrete, bricks, and stone, while softscape refers to the living elements, such as plants, flowers, bushes, and trees. Hardscape frequently defines the space, but softscape enhances it.

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscape, which is defined as a design that is built utilizing natural, man-made, and non-living materials, comprises components like stone or concrete pathways, decks, walls, planter boxes, and any other feature that uses “hard” materials. Employing simply hardscape materials to landscape a space can be definitely effective, especially given the wide variety of materials available. Hard landscaping is very popular these days as it is aesthetically very appealing to the whole landscape.

While it is feasible to design a hardscape garden without any vegetation, it is impossible to design a softscape garden without any hardscape features. Hardscaping is usually necessary, especially when it comes to reducing erosion and facilitating water flow. Usually, the hardscape is planned and installed before the softscape. This is so that the softscape can typically fit into the structure.

What is Softscaping?

The living components of your garden, such as the trees, plants, grass, vines, and bushes, are referred to as softscape design. While some features, like trees or evergreen bushes, may last forever, other plants will come and go with the seasons and whether you decide to redesign the area. Jazlyne is a leading hardscape company in Dubai that offers hardscape and softscape services.

A professional landscaper will typically take into account the soil quality, the natural topography of the location, the quantity of sunshine the area receives, and the landscaping style you want to create when determining what to incorporate into the softscape elements. Without the hardscape components, softscape elements typically struggle to grow. While the hardscape elements act as a container or barrier for the growth of some plants, for others it is all about erosion, water runoff, and the real structure.

Features of Hardscape Design

Decks or Patios

Decks are a beautiful addition to a backyard that divides the space into two clearly defined spaces, whether they are made of wood or stone pavement. Decks may extend from the interior of the home, be located next to the back door, or be raised off the ground in a distinct part of the garden.


pergolas, gazebos, and sheds. These are all components of hardscape that enhance any landscape beautifully. They can support even climbing plants line vines or bushes.


They are crucial components even if they might be challenging to create and may not always appear pretty. The material you choose can also have a significant impact on curb appeal. Size counts when it comes to curb appeal.


There are many different path surface options, from pebbles, bricks, or pavers to stone or even terrazzo.


Fencing doesn’t have to be uninteresting to give you privacy and security. You can utilize solid walls, picket fences, or even timber slatting imaginatively to add some flair to your garden.

Features of Softscape Design


When talking about trees, the most durable softscape component, you occasionally don’t really have an option. In either case, they’re a wonderful addition to any backyard.

Shrubs and ground cover

There are other ground covers besides grass that can be used. Additionally, shrubs can add a beautiful lower visual accent.

Gardens or flowerbeds

These can either be buried in the ground or, if that is not possible, combined with the hard elements in planter boxes. Using flower beds is another lovely way to add color and variation to the area throughout the year, especially if you put particular flowers that bloom during particular seasons.


This can be applied to low-maintenance or unused garden spaces. Mulch is beneficial because it keeps soil wet and inhibits weed development.


Fences are not the only way to provide privacy. Tall hedges and bamboo are two unusual softscape elements that can be used to build screens or barriers.

Jazlyne: The Best Hardscape Company in Dubai

One of the top hardscaping companies in the UAE, Jazlyne, can add cutting-edge design components to your garden landscape to make it more visually appealing and effective. Hard landscaping is trendy nowadays as it enhances the beauty of the whole landscape with added features. Join hands with Jazlyne for excellent hardscape and softscape services.

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