How to Create a Landscape in Dubai that is Water-Efficient?
Dubai is famous for its water management. From desalination to cloud seeding, Dubai’s water management methods are always appreciated by the world. However, it is always beneficial to use water-efficient methods, especially for a landscape in Dubai.


Abundance is not the excuse to overdo. And, water is the best example to go with this quote. Water is a resource you need to save, both for others as well as for the upcoming generations. That is where the prime importance of water-efficient landscaping lies.


Best Practices of Landscaping for Maximum Water-Efficiency

Water efficiency in landscaping can be achieved in various ways. For an effective water saving, you need to follow these ways in a combined manner. You may not be able to follow all of them. Yet, try to incorporate as much as water saving methods from the following to your landscaping routine.


Choose the Best Landscaping Model

Have you heard about Xeriscaping? It is a very good example of landscaping with water benefits. In Xeriscaping, everything is about well-planning. You need to plan well prior to setting up a landscape so that the usage of available water resources including the annual rainfall.


Choose the Best Plants for Your Landscape

Know your landscape well. That is very crucial for landscaping in a topography like Dubai’s. You need to choose the plants according to the landscape. Selecting a plant that is not well suited for your landscape and climate can result in overspending of supporting resources. This includes water.


You need to consult a landscaping agency to find out which is the best suitable plant for your needs and conditions. There are some famous and expert landscaping agencies in Dubai that can come in handy in such situations. According to the city you are in, you can opt from those.


Similar Plants to be Grown Alongside

This is a great water saving trick. And, a very simple one too. You may mix the plants in your landscape for various reasons including ornamental appeal. However, you can make sure the plants that require a similar amount of water are grown together. This way you can go for the minimum amount of watering rather than maximum amount of watering that you may need to give considering the plant that needs more water among the group.


Ensure Water Retention

Have you heard about mulch farming? It is the process of covering the majority area of the farmland with polymer sheets, preferably bio-polymers. This way you can ensure minimum water loss due to evaporation. Like mulching, there are various water retention methods based on different ideas.


Water Wisely

Are you watering wisely enough? There are two factors to be taken into consideration. Frequency and intensity. Wise watering is based on how frequent and how deep you are watering. You need to find the optimum frequency for watering. The grouping of plants we mentioned in the third point will help you through this. Also, focus on watering deeply. You may prepare the soil with enough aeration to make it possible.


Choose the Best Watering Method

For a place like Dubai, I would suggest drip irrigation as the best method for watering. Indeed, the initial setup cost may be on a bit higher side. However, once set with required distribution, drip irrigation is the most economical and water efficient. It reduces runoff water and labor costs.


Don’t Overdo

Be it water or any other supporting resource, you are not supposed to overdo it. Even when you have water in abundance, give only what your plants need. Overdoing not only wastes the water, it can also damage the plant as such.


Do Regular Check Up

You must do regular check up of your plants as well as the supporting setups. Check for leaks and soil conditions. This can help you to prevent water loss and keep water usage under check.


Role of Consultants Water-Efficient Landscaping in Dubai

Dubai being a desert city, indeed, requires drastic water management methodologies. The available water must be used wisely and efficiently. A landscaping agency In Dubai can come in handy in such a situation. Not everyone is an expert in gardening. Even if your are an expert in gardening, setting up a landscape for maximum water-efficiency will require the support of an agency with both expertise and experience.

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