Landscaping is a beautiful life around you making your days lively. It has that power in reinstating fresh feeling within us. Designing and constructing one for the place we belong is indeed everyone’s wish. There are several steps of landscaping in which you need an expert consultant.

Stages of landscaping that require a consultant

Following are the stages which require a consultant intervention or support to complete them with finesse. Hoping, by the end of this log you will recognize how a consultant can change things around.

Site is Important

Landscaping is not something you can copy from someone else’s premise. You can do landscape design only after understanding the specification of your area. The proposed area should meet some criteria. Just by looking at a model you can’t set up your garden.


Landscapes Can Protect the Environment
Landscapes Can Protect the Environment – jazlyne
Factors to consider before landscaping

– the soil
– area available
– contours of the land
– natural and artificial elements
– availability of water resource
– availability of sunlight
All these mentioned factors are related to the site. Since you need to consider all these factors carefully before setting up the landscape, it is always better to seek expert advice for this.


Can Ideate & Visualize

Once the site is fixed and made ready, you need to have an idea how the landscaping will turn out once done. However, if you are just a house owner, you can only visualize based on a previous model. You won’t have any idea about the special requirements of your site. It is in these circumstances, an expert intervention comes in handy. Even choosing the elements depended on this.

Prepare Models Before Commencement

How easy would it be to make a decision if you can see the actual model of your proposed landscaping! Yes, I agree, not every landscaping consultant in Dubai does it. But,there are indeed few names who do that. And, definitely it is a nice idea to see what you’re going to build.
It helps you to fix the elements based on the functionalities. This modeling also helps you to have an overview of the aesthetics of your landscaping. These features make preparing a model of the landscaping, a decision maker step. Needless to say, this cannot be done without the help of an expert consultant.

Estimate Expense

Be it any project of any scale, money matters are always a concern. Not just for the end user who spends the money, but also for the coordinator who handles the project as well. When you estimate the price, it should be reasonable and explainable. Each component of the expenses should be considered in pricing.
Indeed, anyone with a price-list can add up the rates and find a sum. But, estimation is not just adding up different rates. You may know the dimensions and certain numbers. What about the elements other than that, like the amount of hardscaping required or the number of lamp posts to light up the garden without leaving a blind spot? It will be difficult for a common man to comprehend these. So an expert intervention is necessary here as well.

What Support to Use?

Greens grow on their own. But, on conditions applied. And, those conditions, only experts know fully. Just like all the previously mentioned points, you will be knowing a few of those conditions or factors that support

These supporting factors of landscaping include the quality of the soil, manures required, whether to use chemical fertilizers, whether or not there is a chance for pest or insect attacks, if yes, what pesticides and insecticides to be used, what is the average rainfall and what should be the watering plan, what is the availability of sunlight, climate changes, temperature variations and many more.

With the right support from an experienced consultant you can tackle these factors with much ease. Jazlyne is a leading landscaping consultant in Dubai with years of experience in garden preparation and maintenance.

Manage During Execution

Alas when the plans come into execution you need someone to manage that. The execution project also needs stage by stage control to get the best result. With the support of an expert consultant you get maximum control of the execution so that your inputs are also integrated well.



garden design

Every garden beholds life. They present us with a feel of freshness everyday. Do you think you are giving back the care your garden needs? Garden maintenance is an important step you tend to forget. That is where the need of a consultant becomes relevant.

Garden can be called so only when it is maintained well. Otherwise, it is just some shrubs growing on its own. The care we give to our garden is what we can do in return to the goodness the greens fill within us. Out of the landscaping companies in Dubai, Jazlyne shines in this aspect as well.

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