The essential aspect of any garden is a lawn, which is an area where grass is cultivated as a green carpet for a landscape. It contributes to the overall beauty of the garden, whether big or small. Lawn upkeep is an important aspect of any landscape design. A well-kept lawn can enhance the appearance of the overall environment, meanwhile a neglected lawn can completely detract from it. The lawn not only complements the drawing room's decor, but it also provides a great backdrop for a specimen tree or shrub, as well as colourful beds and borders. The location of the grass is mostly determined by the garden's arrangement in relation to the home. In general, the grass should be open and exposed to direct sunlight, especially in front of a rockery or a swimming pool. The best lawn care services in Dubai is found at Jazlyne, the top landscaping company in the UAE.


"Doob" grass is the most common grass for seeding. It has a fast-spreading mat-forming habit, produces roots radially at nodes, and has dark green foliage with parallel tendrils. Only when grass roots are unavailable is a seed lawn considered. One hectare requires approximately 30 kgs of seed. The soil should be rolled lightly and reduced to fine tilth. The site should be divided into small squares or rectangles, and the seeds should be combined with twice as much finely sieved soil before being rolled again and lavishly watered with rose liquid. Germination takes four to five weeks for the seeds. We should take care not to flood the site. The grasses are chopped using a scythe for the first few times. For easy maintenance and spreading, a lawn mower can be employed.


Turfs are just patches of soil with compact grasses growing on them. These turfs should be cut in squares uniformly from a location where the grass is short, compact, and weed-free. They should be laid out side by side on the prepared ground and beaten flat with a turf beater. Fine soil should be used to fill the gaps in between. The turfed area should be rolled and thoroughly watered. This is the most expensive method of creating a lawn.

Turf Plastering

Doob grass can be found in great amounts, free of weeds, and sliced into little 5-7 cm long pieces. To make a thick pasty mixture, combine two baskets of chopped grass pieces, one basket each of garden soil and fresh cow dung, and a shovel full of wood ash with the needed amount of water. This mixture is then distributed uniformly to a thickness of at least 2.5cm on the surface of a previously soaked perfectly levelled ground, and watered with a rose can. The grass should be allowed to expand the next day after the ground has been rolled. In a fortnight, the grass will sprout. Cut with a scythe at first, then use a lawn mower after three months.

Dibbling Roots

This is the quickest approach, but it takes time. When the ground is wet after rain, small portions of grassroots should be dibbled 10–15 cm apart in a leveled area. By mowing, rolling, and watering often over the period of six months, the roots expand and grow underground, resulting in a pretty compact lawn.

Astro Turf

It is a synthetic lawn that is commonly used in roof gardens and play areas in developed countries. It eliminates the regular grass maintenance that is usually necessary. A constant sprinkling of water is one of the most important requirements for binding the synthetic fibre and creating a lawn carpet-like surface.

Best Lawn Care Service in Dubai

Jazlyne is a popular landscaping company in Dubai that offers you various services for your homes or office spaces. We provide excellent maintenance service for landscapes including lawn care. Our team of skilled engineers will come to your location and provide you with the best quotation for any landscape maintenance service in Dubai.

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