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Don’t grow indoor plants! You might have heard this warning several times. But, are they really bad enough to be worth this warning? What about the benefits they can bring in? Do any of the landscaping companies in Dubai warn us about this? Let’s discuss the warning first.


Carbon dioxide contamination. This is the major reason everyone brings forward to argue that growing plants inside the room is bad. But that is a case of pure misrepresentation of scientific fact. Indeed plants do have a respiration cycle where they take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide in the absence of light.


But, is this carbon dioxide release big enough to be called a carbon dioxide contamination? The straight answer is, No. Firstly the respiration cycle is for a short period of time. When compared to the oxygen produced, the carbon dioxide produced is very less. Also, the indoor plants are generally small in size and less respirating.


Benefits of Indoor Ornamental Plants

Indeed, indoor plants do have some benefits as well. Apart from the aesthetic appeal being ornamental plants, they can improve the atmosphere in a living space. Even if you consider the carbon dioxide release in the night time, the overall improvement plants make inside a house is high. Especially within city limits.


The 4 in my Elite List

First of all, let me answer the obvious question, ’Why just four?’. Your confusion increases with more options. Instead, if I suggest you a smaller number of options after detailed analysis, it would be more helpful for you. Also, all of these are available in almost all plant suppliers or landscaping companies in Dubai.



It is actually a genus of plant kingdom characterized by wide varieties of species ranging from epiphytes to woody trees. And, this genus is contributing in large numbers to the collection of indoor plants as well.  Ficus Benjamina, Ficus Lyrata, Ficus Bonsai, Twisted Ficus and Ficus Alii are to name a few.


The benefits of ficus include:

  • can remove toxins from the air, especially chemical compounds like formaldehyde
  • absorb more sound energy making a quieter environment
  • take up less water
  • require very less maintenance.


Snake Plant

A plan that can stand out by the way it looks. It is a variety suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, having this one inside the doors will definitely improve the ornamental appeal of the entire interior. Experts in interior decors are suggesting not to over stuff plants like snake plants. Snake plants look more appealing when placed separated with enough spacing in between. Even a fabricated artificial grass cannot match the appeal of a snake plant.


The benefits of snake plants include:

  • Has high aesthetic value
  • can remove toxins from the air
  • require very less maintenance.

Snake plants are generally safe to grow inside a house. However, it can be mildly toxic when consumed. So, please be careful about it.



One of our previous blogs mentioned about cactus being able to compete with any indoor plants in terms of appeal. Then I was explaining about cactus as a garden plant. Indeed, cactus is suitable for any garden landscaping Dubai houses have. But, here I am considering it as an indoor plant. Indeed, cactus has that ornamental appeal to be part of any setup of indoor plants Dubai houses have.


The benefits of cacti include:

  • use least water among any indoor plants
  • helps in removing pollutants
  • least maintenance required
  • easy to grow and regrow



Or elephant ears, as some call it, have the potential to be added to your indoor plant collections. They require regular watering and enough sunlight to survive. Indeed, they may be the most sensitive among the list I am taking today.


The benefits of alocassia include:

  • grows well in pots and containers in right conditions
  • great in foliage.
  • high ornamental value


So, rush into any plant providers or landscaping companies in Dubai and get these super plants.


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