When people started drifting away from nature, their lives became more miserable with natural disasters and health issues. We harm our environment and greenery on a large scale in the name of development. Nobody realizes the fact that we don’t exist without nature. People used to live embracing nature just a century back. With the outcome of industrialization and technology, we started constructing new buildings and began living an urban life. At a later stage, humans have realized the value of nature and its undeniable influence on them. Now again we are trying to incorporate sustainable methods in whatever development we do. As a result, plants and greenery are more seen in buildings and other urban areas.

The trends of gardening, landscaping and indoor plants have been widely spreading in our life nowadays. After the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid-19, people were forced to spend more time at their homes, as part of quarantine and other safety measures. We have been imposed so many restrictions in all our daily activities and work life. Covid changed our whole perspectives on life and how to live it. As we spend more time inside our homes, many people started having indoor plants and green walls. More than aesthetic aspects, they have health benefits too. Indoor plants not only improve the overall beauty of a space, but studies show that they also improve our moods, stimulate creativity, reduce stress, and remove air pollutants, resulting in a healthier, happier you.

Boost your moods

Our connection to nature and other living things is inherent in our DNA. So, when urban environments begin to increase, we tend to turn away from our natural connections. This makes serious impacts on our life. Many studies have proven the innate connection of humans with flora and fauna. We feel happier and healthier when we live close to nature or animals. Bringing indoor plants to our lives makes a lot of positive changes in our moods. We get a feeling of being linked to nature even inside our homes.

Help us breathe better air

Indoor plants, according to research, help to remove common toxins and pollutants from the air, such as formaldehyde and benzene. The ability of plants to purify the air depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the plant, the size of the indoor space, and the amount of toxins in the air. 6 to 8 medium sized to large plants placed in a large room is enough to produce a visible impact in the air quality.

Make your spaces pleasant

Indoor plants not only add colour and life to your surroundings, but they also alter the physical environment in a positive way. By shading a bright, sunny window, plants can be used to raise relative humidity indoors, reduce noise, screen unappealing parts, and adjust room temperature. Before you start filling a room with furniture and accessories, consider how you want to feel in that space and how plants can help you get there.

Make you feel a sense of accomplishment

When someone takes responsibility for something and completes it on their own, they feel a sense of accomplishment. When we learn how to pot plants and take good care of them at home, the quality of our life improves. Working on indoor plants and green walls is an effective use of our time which caters to both emotional and physical well-being.

Increase productivity

Plants were, are and will be essential to human survival. Today, humans’ intrinsic connection to them is manifested as a reduction in stress and an increase in relaxation and wellbeing, which has an impact on a person's ability to be creative and focus on activities. Researchers say that employers who work in office spaces with green walls and indoor plants are much ahead in their productivity.

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