It is impossible to deny the fact that gardening has been evolved to a different level over time. With each passing day, people are incorporating more and more green into their lives. Gardeners who are more experienced are experimenting with new hobbies and investigating additional gardening possibilities. People are spending more time in their homes as a result of the global pandemic Covid-19, and they go to their gardens to relax and escape from their daily monotonous routines. Many popular quarantine projects have a strong digital feel in it. Plants, on the other hand, were the people's pick when it came to utilizing our hands to control our thoughts and emotions. During quarantine, home gardens sprung up all over the place, and they're still going strong. Gardening offers tranquillity and contentment to everyone's lives irrespective of the labour behind it. It's a fantastic experience to watch your plants grow and thrive when you take care of them. The predicted trends of gardening for the coming years are as follows.

Indoor Gardening

People are adding more and more greens to their homes as their lifestyles change. Along with various alluring indoor plants, edibles such as herbs, microgreens, and other veggies are now being grown indoors. With so many indoor gardening possibilities, it's difficult to imagine not having plants in one's house. Container gardening is one of the most effective ways to cultivate plants inside. Almost every crop or plant can be grown in a container. All you have to do now is choose the proper size for the right plant. Indoor plants provide lots of oxygen and help to boost your moods.

Involvement of Kids

With the coming of Covid 19, children are now spending an increasing amount of time at home. Parents are looking for ways to keep their children busy and active as home-schooling and remote learning became more popular after the pandemic. Gardening provides various learning opportunities for children in addition to its many health benefits. It helps them to be more connected to nature and greens.

Growing Microgreens

As microgreens have become increasingly popular, people have started growing them at home instead of buying from supermarkets. These tiny greens are nutrient-dense and can be grown at home in 7-10 days. With only a few ingredients and a small space, you may cultivate a wide variety of microgreens. All you need to do now is purchase some high-quality microgreen seeds and start growing. It is also a lesson for our next generation to grow something on our own at home.

Garden Decors

Most of the people enjoy not only spending time with their plants, but also beautifying their gardens. People are becoming increasingly inventive with their garden design options as the barrier between interior and outside garden space blurs nowadays. People are spending more time at home and turning their gardens into relaxing retreats where they may listen to music, paint or read their favourite book. Decorations always give a pleasant feeling to your mind.

Vertical Gardening

Don’t worry if you don’t have a floor or similar space to grow your plants. You can create your garden on the walls these days. Vertical gardening is the new normal and it adorns your walls and brings life to your home. Many restaurants are turning to vertical gardening to give a fresh look to their décor. They even grow fresh herbs and vegetables in these gardens. Vertical gardening is a great way to make the maximum use of your space.

Terrace Gardening

The increasing number of concrete buildings have affected the garden spaces also. However, this does not stop garden lovers from doing what they enjoy. People are transforming their terraces and rooftops into beautiful gardens where they can spend some quality time. You can grow vegetables, flowers, or any other plants on your rooftop. It’s the best way to connect with nature within our limited space.

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