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Making your yard beautifully well-maintained is an important part of maintaining one’s home. A home with a well-maintained beautiful garden improves the attraction as well as the value of the property. You can make your property stand out in from others by creating well-maintained landscaping services. Whether you want to improve aesthetic appeal or create an oasis of an outdoor area. Jazlyne; is one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai that offer landscaping solutions that will convert any space into a refuge for outdoor recreation. The only drawback is that? Your neighbours may be green with envy.

Here are some landscaping design ideas that could add more attraction to your home


Landscapes Can Protect the Environment

  • Native plantings 

Adding some new plants to your garden is as important as maintaining the existing plants. It will add more attraction to the yard. Choose the native plants that could exist in the current weather and geographical conditions. Professional landscaping companies like Jazlyne give services with respect to the Dubai landscape and its climate. 

  • Creating a lounge space 

Creating a space where you can sit and relax in the yard with some furniture and sitting space. It will be beneficial in adding attraction as well as a space to spend time with friends and family. 

  • Wall with plants 

Live walls are beautiful and good for maintaining the temperature in the yard. Plan to create live walls with the perfect plants that could give a pleasing impact on the visitors and home members.

  •  Planting bougainvillaea and other trees

 Some trees that give shade in your yard are an added advantage. You can use it for shades as well as a beautifying thing.  Plants like bougainvillaea can enhance the attraction of your property with their elegant colours. 

  • Flowery plants in the garden 

Garden maintenance by adding some flowery plants like orchids and roses can please the visitor’s mind with a positive impact. Flowers in different colours and smells can make your garden beautiful. Garden landscaping is a good way to enhance the beauty of your yard instantly.

  • Enhancing the walkway

If it is properly renovated and maintained, the front pathway may have a greater impact on the appeal of your house. Painting the stones and repairing the damaged ones to improve the appearance of the pathway.

  • Setting light 

As important as maintaining the lawn, setting effective lighting on the yard is a part of landscaping services to make your yard beautiful. Setting a light will be useful in getting a spot to hang out after dark in your own space. 

  • Add a fire pit 

Along with the aesthetic appeal of making a fire pit in your yard, it is useful in the winter season in maintaining the temperature. 

  • A privacy fence 

Creating a fence that will add privacy as well as beauty to the property. This feature can do wonders for an outdoor space. 

  • Green grass yard 

A green grass yard can enhance the beauty of your home itself. A well-maintained green grass yard is always an attraction.

  •  Use water attractions

Water elements are currently a hugely popular landscaping concept. Water elements, from little fountains to big ponds, may provide a lovely, relaxing touch to any garden. They may also add biodiversity to your yard because birds and butterflies are drawn to water.

  • Employing vertical gardening 

Vertical gardening allows you to make the most of your yard area. Many gardeners nowadays employ vertical gardening to make the most of their available area. Though vertical gardening has been popular for some time, there has been a renewed interest as a result of a focus on utilizing tiny areas. 

It is not difficult to add a modern flair to your front lawn garden. You may create a stunning and pleasant setting that your neighbours will envy by combining lawn art, vertical gardens, outdoor sitting spaces, lighting fixtures, and bright blossoms.

Jazlyne for all your landscaping needs


Jazlyne is one of the leading landscaping companies in Dubai. Jazlyne handles all of Dubai’s garden upkeep needs. We are your one-stop shop for landscaping and associated services. We also provide landscape maintenance services. Jazlyne aids in the development of visually appealing landscaping.

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