garden maintenance Dubai
Changes are refreshing. Especially those involving greenery. Let us look into some of the latest trends in garden maintenance Dubai house owners and property owners must know. These trends include replacing plastics to growing your own organic vegetables.  


garden maintenance Dubai

With the nature

It was not long ago, plastic pots replaced clay pots for planting. We had many reasons to promote plastic plant pots including durability of pots. But the problems caused by plastics are above all those benefits. I don’t need to preach to you the problems of plastics. Now things start to change. People are going back to the eco-friendly options to maintain their gardens. People are going back to the earthen pots and coir pots.

It is not just avoiding plastic. You can see a holistic approach of including nature in landscaping. You can do this by minimal modification of natural elements. It is useful to maintain the natural uniqueness of the garden. Also, this is a very promising change.

Another dimension

Space is a concern for many Dubai households. In a country like Dubai, not everyone is capable of having a spacious garden. Vertical gardening is a very good option for properties with lesser space. Also, vertical gardening is becoming a trend in the country. In this method, you have to arrange plants in vertical stacks with provision to feed water and manure. Woods with water resistant properties or water-resistant coating are the best option for vertical gardening. However, plastic racks and pots are leading in this area.

You can do a vertical garden in hanging fashion as well. Green walls are another popular type of vertical garden in Dubai. You may do vertical gardens indoor or outdoor. In vertical garden maintenance Dubai has very few but good options.

Live outside too

There is a new trend of setting up a secondary living area within the garden. Outdoor living area is in fact an old concept. But recently you might have seen it going to another level. The elements of the living areas are so carefully selected. You can also see thematic living area setups. Integrating with nature is the best way to live. So a living area within the landscape is a refreshing idea. 

Minimalistic marvel

Did you notice that in some videos, setting gardens well with minimal green plants and grasses? You will need a perfect integration of softscaping and hardscaping to do so. Hardscaping is the area we normally ignore as such or consider very less. Hardscaping is the landscaping technique of including elements of stone, wood or metals, either individually or in combination. With strategic planning you can set up landscapes with less lawn and fill the remaining by hardscaping.


Not only in gardens, simplicity in design is becoming a trend everywhere. Keeping it light is the basics. When doing your landscaping, keep in mind to avoid extravagant elements. Then, if the grass elements are super-bushy, make sure to trim them nice and clean. Because, elegance is what you can’t compromise while going in the simplicity path. Even though you can see glossy elements in some arrangements, matte finish provides another level of charm when doing it simple.

Water is precious

Water availability is a major problem in a country like Dubai. There is a growth in the demand for sustainable practices in landscaping. People are leaning towards plants that consume less water. In fact there are good varieties of plants that are less water consuming and have great looks for decorating a garden. Low maintenance grasses are also available now.

Integrate Lighting

Gardens are not just for days. It should look good at night as well. You can see the recent growing trend of including ground level lighting in domestic garden arrangements as well. With the arrival of different varieties of waterproof long-life lighting options, adding lights to your garden is easier nowadays.

garden maintenance Dubai

Eat organic

There is a huge increase in the demand for organically produced food items. In this congested world, where are you going to farm all these fruits and vegetables to satisfy the appetite of the whole population? The answer is DIY. Yes, you need to do it yourself. We can see people integrating farming of fruits and vegetables in their garden. It is indeed the best way to make sure your food is organic.

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