Installing greens around is not the only objective of setting up a garden. There are certain things to take care of while setting up a garden landscape. Even if you have assistance from any of the landscaping companies, the ultimate decision on these things is yours.


The 7 Garden Things

Most from the 7 things discussed here are more like don’ts in landscaping more than tips. The remaining are about making the right choice. Make sure your choices are healthy and the best for your interests.


Mind the Spacing

All your bigger green installations should get enough space. Providing ample space between plants will help in proper nutrition of plants. It also helps you while watering. As discussed in the previous blog about watering, plants prefer to be watered evenly around.


Spacing provides better accessibility as well. Speaking of which, just like between plants, you need to ensure spacing between plants and other elements. These are mainly the structures around and within your garden landscape. Especially with the bigger plants, this spacing is important as the root growth can interact with the structure.


Know Season

Knowledge of the season is not just for the farmers. When you plan your garden as well, seasonal considerations are necessary.  Without seasonal knowledge and a good landscaping consultant, your costly purchases can go in vain. Almost every group of garden landscaping Dubai has supplies consultants too.


Some plants, even after being all weather compatible, can perish in some drastic seasonal change or without the right care according to the season. Needless to say, you can’t use a plant just by its specifications. Know the details on season and caring procedure or hire one from any of the best landscaping companies who can manage both.


Refrain from Overplanting

Indeed, overcrowded gardens are unpleasant to watch. The steps you already took to make your space look better will all go in vain if you overcrowd your garden. Totally opposite results.

In some cases you may need to incorporate more plants in a limited area.  Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious area for gardening. In such cases you may try vertical gardening.


When you want to grow plants closer than that of standard practice, try mixing plants with flowers in such a way to get a pattern. Thereby you can avoid that congested look. Please remember, this is only for the ones who don’t have enough space.


Ensure there is no Underplanting

Another mistake you may do with your garden is leaving spaces within the garden resulting in a less abundant look. This can also happen by using the wrong plant at the wrong position. This less abundance will adversely affect the total appeal of your garden.


It is always better to plan these at the starting stage of the landscaping project itself. The types and numbers of plants should be fixed beforehand. And, you must have a well defined idea of how the end result will come out. If not, the consultant you choose from any of the landscaping companies around should be capable of giving you an idea about the same.


Ensure Water & Sunlight

Two of the most basic things about plant growing that you are learning from childhood. Yet, they are the most ignored factors. Especially among the casual gardeners. With the arrival of automated watering systems, watering issues are slowly reducing. However, the system may not be affordable for all.


Sunlight availability too is ignored. All green plants are in need of sunlight to survive. Nevertheless, different plants have different levels of sunlight tolerance. You must plan your garden according to the availability of sunlight or shade. Watering is discussed in my previous blog in detail.


Say No to Toxic Plants

Ornamental plants are great to look at. But, there can be toxic members among them. The toxicity ranges from mild to to severe among certain good looking plants. Mostly, the poisonous effect is only on a single part of the plant. However, it is better not to take that risk. Especially considering your little ones in the family. If yours is one among the well-informed landscaping companies, you will definitely get advice or warning regarding this.


Artificial Greens ain’t a Bad Choice

Natural elements are always the best. Yet, it is not a bad practice to use artificial grasses or plants if the situation demands. There can be several factors leading to the said situations. Often, budget can be a reason. If you have a space to fill and natural grass is beyond your budget you can go for artificial grass.


Artificial greens can be used to avoid the problems of underplanting. Also, if you want to avoid any toxic effect of the plant, you may go for artificial greens. Added to these, they are almost free of maintenance.

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