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Gardening is that one thing you will receive umpteen ‘expert’ opinions and advice. Almost everyone will have something to say or suggest while you are around the garden. Most of the time, those suggestions would be forgettable. However, there can be certain instances where these suggestions confuse you and land yourself in trouble. What you need to do is to consult one of the landscaping companies available near you.


Options are Millions

Plant sourcing and selection key when you are setting up a garden. Needless to say, opinions are not less in these areas as well. But, you need to be very picky in accepting them as such. Plants are of millions in variety. However, most of them cannot survive beyond certain geographies and topographies. Some others can survive in most conditions except few. There are only a few which can stay healthy in all inhabitable conditions.


Indeed, we are focusing on gardens in the UAE, particularly in Dubai. As the place is famous for extreme climates, it will serve the purpose of suggesting plants for any garden setup in most parts of the world.


The Best 5: As suggested by top landscaping companies

Here I am listing out 5 of the best plants that are suitable for any garden setup in the UAE. The plants listed may be considered for most of the other conditions in the world. However, the flowering and yielding may be different. Consult any landscaping companies near you to get the specific details


Date Palms

What middle east without date palms, right? Indeed, a picture of date palm is so much synonymous to any middle eastern country. But, is date palms a monopoly of GCC alone? Never. With good care, they can grow in any part of the world. Even in house gardens. The peculiar shape and appeal of the date palms can indeed act as a decor.


I have seen date palms used for ornamental purposes near some beach resorts and high ranked office buildings situated thousands of kilometers and a full sea body away from the GCC. So, both using date palms outside GCCs and their ornamental appeal are proved. It became first in the list considering the medicinal value, fruity nature and ornamental appeal. However, date palms consume more space than a normal garden plant. Keep that in mind while opting it as a garden member.



Yes! Hibiscus, or shoe flower as it is called in some, is indeed a great choice for your garden.  Just consider their floral beauty, wide varieties, medicinal value as well as cosmetic applications. You will realize that it can’t be avoided easily as a member of your garden. It was a surprise for me to see hibiscus in Saudi Arabia for the first time, a few years back. And, later on, I realized the survival capabilities of hibiscus and it can be made part of any garden landscape at ease.


Hibiscus is very common in the locals inhabited islands of Maldives as well. I cited this for a reason. Being an Indian, I have seen hibiscus growing in various conditions in the Indian mainland. Then I saw them in GCC and Maldives where the conditions are further different. This proves their climate-proof nature. Indeed, a perfect addition for the list as it won’t take much space like the first in the list does.



Yes! Paper flowers. Even though technically not correct, this is what bougainvillea are called widely. I don’t need to preach about the survival capabilities of them. It is famous. And, their vibrant pink shade is a beauty to watch from distance as well as close.


Of course, the pink bougainvillea are the most common variety and many of you might have seen only that variety. But, there are white (more like off-white), purple, yellow and orange varieties too. Considering the fame, availability, ornamental value and all weather nature, this is included in the list.


Flame Tree

Indeed a flame when all those colors assemble in perfect blend. If your garden is big enough, go for the flame tree as an option for decor. The  vibrant colors make them a perfect fit for your garden. These are largely found in tropical and sub tropical areas. However, they can handle more harsh conditions as well. However, you must need the support of one of the best landscaping companies to get it done. The vibrancy factor and climate resistance secured them a place in the list.



Cacti are of different varieties. When it comes to defending extreme climates, they are the superstars. Cacti have that ornamental appeal to be part of your garden as well as among the indoor plants. I am sure it can compete with any indoor plant Dubai people keep inside their house in terms of look. Also it takes up almost nothing to stay healthy. Cacti are a great choice for those who want less garden maintenance. Their simplicity, ornamental appeal and climate-proof nature helped them make it into my list.

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