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Gardens indeed have life in them. It is how much we care determines how alive they can keep us the rest of the time. Indeed, garden maintenance comes with a handful of problems as well.

Only a well maintained garden landscaping can serve its purpose of giving you that much needed refreshment. Otherwise it will give you another reason to be disappointed.

The 6 threats of garden maintenance

Threats don’t always come from outside. So I will be focusing on the threats in a more comprehensive way rather than going into details of the threats we frequently discuss. There will be threats starting from your negligence to indirect effects of your overcare.   

Lack of care

Negligence is the biggest crime you can do to a garden landscape. The negligence arises when you forget the reason behind the landscaping. If you decide to install a garden to add beauty to your space, there should be a plan to maintain it as well. No matter whether it is home or office, you should carry out the maintenance or employ someone for that.

Without proper maintenance or care your garden can turn into a mere bunch of shrubs. It also results in bad aesthetics as well as an unhealthy environment. If, at one point of time, you came to know that managing garden maintenance is difficult, don’t hesitate to hire someone to do it. Many landscaping companies in UAE provide AMC services.   

Lack of manuring

Some have a misconception that landscape is all about growing grasses and they can do it all by themselves. Indeed, some varieties of grasses and shrubs require very less care to flourish. And less doesn’t mean zero. Also, it doesn’t hold true for all conditions. When the geography and climate change, the survival capacity of these grasses and shrubs are also affected

Some of the common outdoor plants in Dubai can survive even without much water. However, proper maneuvering is required for the garden landscape to remain green. Also, the manures selected should be suitable for the type of the grasses and shrubs, type of soil and climate. Each of these cases can demand different kinds of maneuvering. You must be careful and follow a standard procedure if you choose to apply chemical manures.

No proper weed control

Weeds or unwanted plants are another threat of garden landscaping. If you are someone with limited knowledge about plants, there is a high chance you won’t even realize that weeds are growing within your garden. Especially when the first discussed factor is there.

The best way to get rid of weeds is by removing them as such. Weedicides are also available in market. However, usage of chemicals cannot be recommended for getting rid of weeds. Especially, if chemicals are already in use for other applications in garden maintenance, like fertilizing the soil.

No proper pest control

Pests are a headache and a threat to a garden. Any tiny living organisms harming the health of your garden can be considered as a pest. Pest can either eat away the leaves and flowers or they cause some serious diseases for the greens.

You may do pest controls by using natural traps and it is the most recommended way as harmful chemicals are avoided. However, you may be forced to use chemical pesticides in certain scenarios. In such cases you must be aware of the permitted levels of those chemicals and must take care while using it. You must follow a standard procedure to apply chemical pesticides just like you did for manures.

Disease causing elements

Gardens come with the possibility of stagnant water as well as other disease generating conditions. You must make sure none of the hardscaping elements or expels from plans are not causing stagnancy of water. Even in smaller quantities, stagnant water can act as breeding sites for germs and mosquitos.

Not only stagnant water, you must attend to any disease causing conditions like rotten plant parts, leaf lumbs, weeds etc., timely. Indeed, removal of these requires regular watch. I recommend keeping a cleaning schedule with a proper checklist to get this done.

Chemicals can be toxic

Chemicals, especially pesticides are generally toxic beyond a certain limit. This limit is too low for some common pesticides. If you handle them carelessly, the harm they can give ranges from small allergies to permanent disorders that can last for generations.

As discussed in the previous sections, use of chemicals may be necessary for the well being of a garden. For better nourishment and preventing pests you may use chemical options. However, you must have a good knowledge of the chemicals being used and conditions in which they can be applied before going for it. Not every option of garden maintenance Dubai will comply with safety standards. So you must choose your maintenance team with much care.

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