Landscape Maintenance
When you make a garden, maintenance is the most important part that you should frequently do without any fail. Maintaining a garden should be a regular practice rather than something you do occasionally and then neglect for a month.  It is necessary to flourish your garden and also to keep it healthy. You should occasionally take a stroll through your garden to make sure everything is functioning as planned. This is how you can identify the issues in your garden, such as which plants have fungus or which ones require extra care. Jazlyne is the best landscape company in Dubai that offers you incredible garden and landscape maintenance services.

You should devote a certain amount of time to your garden even though you might not have much time because of your busy schedule. While maintaining our outdoor areas is necessary, we frequently forget to make them beautiful. We can see a lot of people using leftover coffee beans as manure to maintain their gardens free of the dirt that builds up every day, so there are a lot of gardening tips and tricks available.

Here are some tips on how to water, maintain your lawn, and weed your garden to ensure its flourishing.

Proper Watering

The primary garden maintenance activity is watering. Your plants will stay hydrated if you water them regularly. It helps to keep the moisture in the flower beds. Always water your garden in the early morning or late evening for better garden care because at these times, the soil is typically cooler than at noon. Avoid watering the plant heads or leaves because doing so would result in the growth of mold. Therefore, it’s important to always water deeply into the roots. The automatic irrigation system is available at Jazlyne, the top landscape company in Dubai.

The Right Use of Pots

The use of little clay pots, which shield young plants from overnight frosts, is a really nice suggestion here for garden care. First, prepare a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water if you see salt deposits on the clay pots. Before you plant anything in the pot, let it dry after mixing the ingredients with a plastic brush.

An Organic Marker

You can put flat stones or bricks on the base of your plants and write the names of the plants on them. Use a permanent marker and stones of various sizes for this task. This will save you money because you won’t need to keep up with individual nameplates for each of your plants. This is a great advice for maintaining a garden on a budget. Along with gardening, you can also buy indoor plants online and preserved plants from Jazlyne to adorn your spaces.

Aphid control methods

It is a species of plant mite that infects and kills plants. You can either use an insecticidal soap you buy at the store or a powerful stream of water from your hose to finish them out. This is a useful gardening advice you should follow to prevent plant mites from attacking your garden overnight.

Watering naturally

Instead of draining the water after boiling vegetables in your kitchen, you can use it to water plants. The plants are particularly responsive to this water, which aids in their rapid growth. To maintain your garden with care, follow one of the simplest household gardening care methods.

Wipe out Weeds

Plant beds need to be sufficiently dense to restrict weed growth. While creating your home garden, keep in mind this crucial piece of advice on garden maintenance. The space between the plants shouldn’t be too wide. Mulch is a useful tool for preventing the germination of weed seeds. Take urgent action to eliminate any existing weeds that are attacking. Utilize a weeding trowel to reach the roots. You can seek the help of a professional landscape maintenance company like Jazlyne for this purpose.

Lawn Care

It is highly recommended to protect the lawn from the heat temperature of more than 30 degree Celsius as part of your garden maintenance. Never trim the grass too short when the weather rises since plants may grow in temperatures as high as 26 degrees Celsius. Keep the grass at a maximum of 5 cm long to avoid the soil drying up in the heat. The best time to water the grass is between 4 and 8 in the morning, and as a general rule, use at least 10-15 liters of water per square meter. 

Tie up with the best landscape company to maintain your garden

Jazlyne is a leading landscape maintenance company in Dubai that offers you expert services according to your tastes. You can buy indoor plants online and also preserved plants from Jazlyne. We offer hassle-free transformations to your garden and artistic solutions to all your landscape and garden-based queries. Try out the best green solutions from Jazlyne!

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