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Choosing the right season to design your landscape is important to a productive growing season. Planting in the wrong season might result in dried grass and dead plants, which will leave your lush, green surroundings dull. Despite the widespread belief, that spring is the ideal season for planting, late summer and early fall are the greatest times to create a landscape. You can get all the advice on landscaping from Jazlyne, the best landscape company in Dubai.

Landscape design has several advantages. Your property’s appearance and feel will be greatly improved by a lovely and peaceful landscape, which will also increase its value. You will have a place to unwind and relax each day if you have beautiful scenery at home.

The majority of plants, flowers, and shrubs do not respond well to temperature changes. They flourish in temperate climates that are neither too hot nor too cold. You must pick the ideal period for garden landscaping if you want to avoid wasting your time and effort and have a successful project.

Know Your Growing Conditions

Consider the growing circumstances in which greenery thrives to better grasp why it is crucial to choose the right season to the landscape. A healthy landscape needs rich soil, plenty of sunlight, regular rain, and moisture. Plants won’t develop to their full potential if even one of these prerequisites is missing.

Balance is the key to finding the optimal landscaping conditions, as it is with everything else. Although both sunlight and water are necessary for growth, excessive amounts of either can quickly destroy plants. To prevent your plants from being vulnerable to root rot, the soil must drain well in addition to offering a solid and supportive foundation for growth.


When the ground thaws in the spring, many of us feel the need to begin planting. Never give in to that urge. Weather changes can put too much stress on newly planted trees, flowers, and shrubs. Frost is a significant element that might cause new plantings to die too soon.

Turn your garden and flower beds in the early spring. Compost should be added to the soil. And make a plan for the things you want to plant. The transition from spring to summer and the onset of more regular temperatures are ideal times to begin planting. So, before that. you can fix the landscape design with the help of professionals like Jazlyne, the best landscape company in Dubai.

Verifying the appropriate ground conditions is the most crucial factor to consider while planting in the spring. Check to see that the earth isn’t frozen or too soggy from spring showers before you start digging. Despite the fact that many plant species do not do well in the early spring, dormant shrubs and trees can be planted successfully, as can some seeds for cold-season vegetables like peas, spinach, and onions. Early spring is also a good time to grow several annuals with high cold tolerance, like pansies, primroses, and violas.


Fall is one of the finest seasons to start garden landscaping tasks because of the cooler temperatures and moderate humidity. When trees, shrubs, and perennials are planted in the fall, they have more time to develop robust root systems, making them stronger the following spring. The better a plant performs, the more developed its root system is. A plant implanted in the spring will have less time to grow than one planted in the fall.

Jazlyne: The Best Landscape Company in Dubai

If you are planning to build a landscape, Jazlyne would be the best option. We have a proven track record of completing successful projects in Dubai. Jazlyne can add cutting-edge design elements to your garden landscape to make it more aesthetically pleasing and useful. To beautify your spaces, we also offer indoor plants, artificial plants, green wall services, etc. When implementing the design concept, we adjust our services in accordance with the unique preferences, needs, and spending limits of our clients. It can be difficult to visualize a garden concept and decide where to place different plants and landscaping elements. As we continue to be the best landscape company in Dubai, we offer you the best assistance in designing your dream at Jazlyne.

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