Benefits of Landscaping
While it’s simple to enjoy the sights and smells that lawns and landscapes provide, did you know that their true worth goes far beyond these superficial pleasures? Yes, properly maintained landscapes have many advantages for both the environment and people. At Jazlyne, our landscaping services help you design the home of your dreams. Let’s examine the important advantages of landscapes.

Environmental Benefits of Managed Landscapes

  • Natural Coolants – Compared to asphalt and cement, the grass is much cooler. It serves as the “air conditioner”. Compared to asphalt and bare soil, lawns can be 31 degrees cooler. But wait, there’s more. There is evidence that tree shading homes can reduce attic temperatures by up to 40°F.
  • Environmental Cleaners – In addition to producing oxygen, the grass is an essential component in the capture of dust, smoke, and other pollutants.
  • Water Protectors – Having a healthy lawn prevents unhealthy runoff from entering waterways.
  • Air Cleaners – Grass absorbs carbon dioxide and converts it to oxygen and carbon in the process. In actuality, a 50′ x 50′ lawn generates sufficient oxygen for a family of four.
  • Noise Minimizers – When compared to hard surfaces like concrete and pavement, such as lawns and plants, noise levels can be reduced by 20% to 30%.

We are Dubai’s most in-demand landscaping maintenance company. We manage all facets of outdoor landscaping, including planning, installation, and maintenance, under the requirements of the clients.

Benefits of Urban Landscapes

Incorporating parks and tree canopies into cities and towns is crucial. They give residents access to a variety of lifestyle advantages that raise their standard of living.

  • According to a recent study, areas with more mature trees in the yards and streets have lower crime rates.
  • According to studies, even a glance at a plant or tree, even from a window, can lower blood pressure and reduce stress.
  • Even when you’re in the middle of a city, walking in a green space with trees and plants has been proven to enhance focus and memory.
  • Towns with community green spaces experience lower rates of stress, lower health care costs, and higher levels of quality of life.

One of the best landscaping companies in the UAE, Jazlyne, can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your garden landscape by incorporating cutting-edge design elements

Benefits of Commercial Landscapes

Businesses that offer their customers plants inside buildings and landscaped areas around buildings have greater success. Commercial landscaping has an economic advantage because businesses spend more money at establishments they believe to be reliable.

According to studies, businesses are more likely to spend money on a business that is nice, tidy, and well-maintained. They see it as a sign of effectiveness and a customer-focused attitude in business. If carefully considered, well-planned, and maintained, landscaping has a wide-ranging, positive impact on business. If you enjoy the tranquility of nature and want to live there without having to spend a lot of money on landscaping, our landscaping services help you.

  • Due to its positive psychological effects, landscaping can attract more customers and keep employees happier. A pleasant setting with lots of windows and natural light, complimentary snacks and beverages, indoor and outdoor break areas, and a nice-looking building complete this joyous setting. Google and Facebook are known for their luxurious corporate campuses.
  • Natural light, calming hues, textures, and patterns can help create the psychology that a company seeks. Additionally, studies reveal that employees who have access to plants and a window naturally experience less stress and are more satisfied than those who do not.
  • Nobody likes the idea of going to work in a gloomy, dark place with old, faded bricks that are devoid of color, overgrown weeds, worn-out carpet, or buzzing lights, to name a few problems. The best and smartest businesses avoid creating that impression by investing in outdoor areas where customers and staff can unwind, breathe fresh air, and interact with nature and one another.

Physical and Psychological Benefits

The advantages of interacting with plants, trees, and grass for humans have also been extensively researched and documented. According to research, engaging with nature or even just seeing it through a window can help people relax and heal. After spending time outside, children with ADHD seem to focus better. When working in environments with plants, employees are more productive and their cognitive function is enhanced.

Jazlyne: The Best Landscaping Company in Dubai

Despite science’s findings, what matters most is how people instinctively feel about plants and green spaces, and how they want to incorporate them into their lives in any way they can.

As one of the top professional landscaping companies in the UAE, we adapt our services when putting the design concept into practice to fit the particular preferences, requirements, and financial constraints of our clients. We also provide decorative plants and flowers to adorn your interiors and to create a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere.

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