indoor flowering plants

What is more beautiful than a flower?

A bunch of flowers!

There is nothing in this world that’s more soothing than a flower’s presence. That’s why we bring a bouquet while visiting our sick friends or relative, or place indoor flowering plants in our homes. Sylvia Plath, in her lovely poem “Tulips”, described the curative power of flowers and how a bunch of blood-red Tulips flowers soothed her nerves and increase her desire to live while she was on her deathbed after a suicide attempt. So flowers can make us fall in love, cure us of stress and relieve us from tensions.

Give space for indoor flower plants in your home and you will feel the difference. Psychological studies have shown that having  flowering plants in your home will elevate your mood for the day and help to maintain positive thoughts throughout the day. Everyone loves to place  plants in their home but do you know it is important to consult a landscaping company to decide on the perfect plants suitable for you and your house? As one the best landscaping companies in Dubai, we know how to decorate your home in a simple but elegant manner with the best indoor flowering plants to enhance the colour of your interiors.

Peace Lily

If you don’t have time to look after an indoor plant yet you need one in your living room Peace Lily will be the best option since it is renowned for its easy-to-care nature. This flower will suit your room better when it is situated in a shaded corner. The Peace Lily will droop its leaves when it needs water so the only thing you need to do is provide weekly watering. It’s known for purifying air, promoting good sleep and adding an elegant tone to your indoors. The majestic beauty of white blooms on the green stem will add to the grace of your room with low-cost maintenance.

African Violets

African Violets require only minimal care and they produce nimble blooms that have colours of white to pastel pink. As it blooms all year long it will extend the beauty of your indoors to every day of the year. African Violets, when exposed to sunshine, enhance and freshen the atmosphere.


Being a renowned indoor plant it has a reputation for augmenting the magnificence of indoors. It is difficult to grow indoors but with proper attention and care Orchids will stay in your room. The vivid colours of this flower will give a rich appeal to your room if you succeed in growing them.


Give some sunshine and you will see the wild beauty of Begonia adding wonders to the colour of your indoor plants. The flower comes in vivid colours and hues with definitive formations. The Begonias have wide popularity for their striking form and colours. Add this to your indoor plants to make it a fairy room!


Poinsettia arrives in crimson, white or pink bracts and leaves in lobe shapes feature vivid crimson, pink, or white petal-like bracts and leaves with varied lobed shapes. This grand flower has bright-coloured leaves as well and is easy to maintain since it is a typical household plant.


This winter fills your room with these precious heart-shaped flowers that will last for eight weeks with proper care and attention. The soil with moist conditions aids in the growth of this flower but in standing water in the pot, you grow the flower will only decay the root.


Amaryllis is a great addition to the southwest side of your window as it will glow on a sunny day. Since winter is here and this is a popular flower of this season get ready to plant some in your indoors. It will be a charming addition to your indoor plants indeed.


This flower shines in golden sun rays and is easy to maintain as it will find the water it needs occasionally. If you want a golden shade to your indoors this indoor plant will be a good choice.

Zygo Cactus

The Zygo Cactus is a great addition to the indoors since it has bright colours that remind of Christmas red and is easy to maintain as it needs less water and depends more on sunlight. It can be placed either in a hanger or a pot. Imagine walking to a room and having red  Zygos to elevate your romantic mood with your partner. Yes, this flower is that good as an indoor plant!


Hydrangeas have ethereal beauty that requires high maintenance. The dazzling grace of Hydrangeas will highlight the indoors with its splendid colours. Keep it out of extreme climates while positioning it in a dry place with the right amount of water required. Placing it at the east window to receive more sunlight because it will provide quality bright light.

Having an flowering plant in your room will gift you cheerful hours after work. Choose a plant that you like and can maintain at the same time. If you don’t have time to look after them we discourage you to grow them because they also have a life! But if you are into it with a whole heart we, as one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai, are here for you to assist you in choosing and providing the best indoor flowering plants suitable for you and your home. Because you are ready to look after life and for that reason, we like you very much!

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