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Shades of green, indeed, are among the most favorite. Green shades have an ability to talk in silence. Their vibrance can impact us with positivity. Here we are trying to provide you some interesting facts about the green family.

1. Different shades of green are associated with different emotions

From light yellowish green to dark green impart a range of emotions within us. Lighter green can generate a refreshing feeling. A sprouting, a newness, a signal to go. The emotions light green shades impart are many. In darker green shades, the feeling we have is of prosperity and growth. Darker green also indicates health and wellness for most people.

2.Green improves productivity

Green shades provide a sense of calmness and positivity in a workplace. Installing green plants inside the workplace or making a green wall can have a considerable impact in the ambience and mood setting. This improves productivity, no matter what work you are involved in. 

3. Green is branding friendly

Spotify to Android, Starbucks to Tropicana and Jaguar to Land Rover there are numerous brands putting on green as the prominent color in their logos and themes. This helps these brands in generating a beneficial favoritism among the customers. Among the participants of a survey, over 80% admitted that color is a major factor in making the decision to purchase goods. 

4. Looking to green reduce eye strain

Ayurveda practitioners always suggest that we look into green leaves or anything in leaf-green color to reduce the strain of our eyes. So having enough green presence inside an office especially where employees are continuously working looking at a screen. Not just ayurveda doctors, other eye specialists also suggest that we give rest to our eyes every 20 minutes of screen time at work. While resting, what better color than green we have to look at! Why don’t we take that green wall benefits?

5. Green can generate a safety feeling

From traffic signals’ safe to go  to the exit sign boards green color becomes the sign of safety. Not just that being surrounded by trees and landscape too gives us a safe feeling. Indeed, it is one of the reasons most people always try to decorate their house with indoor plants and premises with landscaping and gardens.

6. Our eyes differentiate green shades the best

Ever wondered why the night vision glasses appear green in color? Well, the appearance is due to the presence of phosphorus. However, the reason we continue to use it is that our eyes can differentiate shades of green better than any other colors.


No matter whether you are inside the comfort of your house or at the heated workspace, having shades of green around is a great relief. There are several landscaping companies in Dubai providing live and artificial greenifying services.


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