The animate or alive horticultural aspects of landscape design are referred to as softscape. To put it another way, it refers to the plants. Hardscape components such as wooden pergolas, stone walls, tile patios, and brick paths complement softscape elements. An object must be a plant to be considered a softscape. Although this is occasionally the case, it does not have to be soft to the touch.

The difference between hardscape and softscape

Statues, walls, decks, patios, roads, walks, and fountains are examples of "non-plant" elements in your garden. Softscape materials, on the other hand, are "plant" features like the lawn, trees, shrubs, succulents, and blooming plants. Hardscape refers to lifeless structures, whereas softscape is made up of live and organic elements. You can also install retaining walls, which might be softscape or hardscape. Hardscape walls, also known as retaining walls, are made of materials such as wood, natural stones, concrete blocks, or bricks and provide complete privacy. Otherwise, trees, shrubs, and hedges provide more natural walls that give your home a more open appearance while still giving adequate privacy by obstructing other people's views. They grow and improve privacy and property value over time.

How to choose trees and shrubs

Following the installation of hardscape features and the selection of your preferred layout, it's vital to select the shrubs and trees you want to plant in your yard. Always choose trees and shrubs that are a combination of winter and summer to make your yard stand out in both seasons. It's also critical to make sure the trees and shrubs you choose are appropriate for our climate zone, which is 7b. Native plants are an excellent choice because they have already adapted to the local climate.

Types of plants and planting ideas

Flowering Perennials

Perennial flowering plants cover the hardscaping features and give your yard a more appealing appearance. Choose plants that don't necessitate a lot of effort and care to thrive in your climate. Black-eyed Susan, Four O'clock, Hosta, Salvia, Butterfly weed, Shasta daisy, Lavender, and Bleeding heart are some of the best perennials for zones 7b gardening.

Wildlife-Supporting Plants and Native Plants

Plant species native to our region provide nesting material and food supplies for native insects and animals, as well as requiring little care once established. Although using only native plants is always a good idea, introducing a few non-native plants, such as wild lilacs, can give your yard a more natural aspect. Plants that sustain wildlife, such as penstemons  and nectar-rich salvias, can also be used to fill up the gaps. The possibilities are almost unlimited, and we can assist you in making decisions based on your goals.

Native and Ornamental Grasses

Native and ornamental grasses blend extremely well with natural gardens due to their carefree nature and gentle forms. You may add texture to garden beds by planting grasses in them, or just use them to cover huge areas instead of a standard lawn.

Meadow Gardens

Rather than planting in traditional rows, construct a meadow garden by planting a single kind of grasses or perennial plants in groups of odd numbers, or by creating numerous broad swathes of one plant species.


Climbing and hanging vines are a simple way to combine hardscaping and softscaping components in your garden. Hardscaping structures such as pergolas and gazebos work particularly well with hanging vines. They help to balance out the wood and metal by creating a greenery curtain. Climbing vines are also beneficial and can be utilized to add a more natural look to home facades and retaining walls. They can also be used to cover gaps in standard fences. Flowering vines can also be used to create a colorful landscape that is diverse and well-balanced.

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