Do you believe in eternal youth? If not, you are mistaken! We can simply preserve the beauty and essence of plants in this era of technological advancement. Such plants are called Preserved Plants and they are getting wide popularity these days, especially after the Covid pandemic. They are 100 % natural and the result of a peculiar plant preservation procedure in which the natural sap is replaced with a particular solution that keeps their appearance, freshness, and fragrance for many years without the need for soil, water, or sunshine.

How are they preserved?

The flowers or plants are trimmed when they are at their most gorgeous and appealing. After being cut, they are placed in containers containing a liquid made composed of glycerine, water, and stabilizers. The sap evaporates during the preserving liquid's absorption phase and is replenished by the preserving liquid. After the plants or flowers have been stabilized, they are dried in specific rooms for many days. The flowers or plants are then meticulously washed to remove any indications of dried or wilted foliage. The quality control process is rigorously carried out to ensure that the plant or bloom is as beautiful as possible. This is how the plants and flowers are preserved. Jazlyne is the top landscape company in Dubai which provides unique preserved plants for your home or office spaces.


  • With or without natural light, they beautify and enhance any interior area.
  • They are low-maintenance, which saves time and effort.
  • The artistic options are limitless. It is possible to make incredibly beautiful and unique compositions.
  • The plants’ qualities remain unchanged for years and years, providing excellent value for money. They can be used to divide spaces.
  • They enable you to construct unique designs and creations.
  • Plants and flowers remain beautiful and fresh all year long.
  • They don't require any sort of maintenance

Health Benefits

Indoor preserved plants, whether in the office or at home, have numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that having plants in the office can help to reduce drowsiness, colds, flu symptoms, and even headaches. Reduced absenteeism, increased worker efficiency, production, and mood have all been documented in offices with preserved plants and flowers. The presence of preserved plants in hospitals has resulted in faster recovery times. Patients' heart rates and blood pressure are lower, and they need less pain medication when they are around plants and flowers. Plants can also aid with anxiety and stress by improving mood.

Maintenance Instructions

  • Avoid exposing yourself to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Sun exposure necessitates UV Controlled Windows or Window Films since UV light can fade colors.
  • Displaying near heat-emitting lights is not recommended.
  • Don’t use water to irrigate, vaporize, or clean. Water or any other liquid should not be used to spray or wash.
  • They should only be kept inside at 60-85°F.
  • Keep the humidity below 75%.
  • Dusting should be done every 8-12 months or as needed with a hair blower or a low-speed leaf blower.

Jazlyne: Your Best Option for Preserved Plants

Jazlyne is the best landscape company and a leading supplier of Preserved Plants in the UAE. Our wide collection of preserved plants attracts so many plant lovers across the UAE. We make your spaces natural and serene with picturesque beauty. You can contact us through phone or mail to book your preserved plants from Jazlyne.

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