If you don't have enough space on the floor to put plants, the next best area is the wall! Vertical Gardens (also known as green walls, plant walls, living walls or eco walls) have become a popular new trend in architecture in the past few years. When we incorporate living nature into the urban surroundings, it improves the aesthetics of that area and also serves a variety of other functions. Suitable and customized vertical gardens are widely available whether it is indoors or outdoors, free-standing or wall-attached. They are cutting-edge in design and can be installed practically on any building. They can also make a powerful statement for any brand-positive company.

The majority of vertical gardens are made up of a collection of houseplants that are fed by a system that is attached to the wall. They usually include a growing medium such as soil, fabric, or foam as well as a support structure, an irrigation system, and drainage. Installing a green wall gets commercial businesses points toward LEED and WELL Building Standard certifications, and they provide a lot of practical benefits, much like any other indoor landscaping.

Benefits of Vertical Garden

By creating enticing and inviting spaces, vertical gardens make a stunning statement. They have the same striking appearance as they do when it comes to promoting good health. Those who enter your building will be welcomed by a lush, green environment, as well as the benefits of being surrounded by so much greenery. The following are the major benefits of green walls.

Visual appeal

A vertical garden in your house, office, school, or any other enclosed space enhances the beauty of the environment and visual appeal. Eco wall enhances the aesthetic charm of your surroundings. If you believe your surroundings are too dull and unappealing, consider growing a vertical garden and watch your home turn into a lovely and appealing space.

Improved air quality

Vertical gardens act as natural air filters, resulting in a cleaner, more pleasant working environment and improved occupant health and well-being. In the indoor environment, people are frequently exposed to air pollutants such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and benzene. Living green walls, like indoor plants, digest hazardous chemicals while releasing oxygen into the air.

Reduces energy cost

The mechanism of "evapotranspiration" is used by both interior and vertical gardens to cool the air during the hot summer months. Exterior eco walls can lower wall surface temperatures by up to 50 degrees F, saving energy and money on air conditioning. The added benefit of building insulation and the lower energy expenses that come with it is especially noticeable during the winter months

Reduces noise level

Vertical gardens or living green walls can reduce noise levels in buildings, which is a lesser-known benefit. Plants have been utilized to minimize noise in residential areas near highways and roadways. Living green walls, which 'naturally' suppress high-frequency sounds. Furthermore, the supporting structure may aid in the reduction of low-frequency noise. With a layer of air between the plants and the wall, living green walls act as additional insulation. By reflecting, refracting, and absorbing acoustic radiation, they can also reduce noise levels.

Reduces stress and improves mood

Humans and nature have an unmistakable bond, and research has shown that spending time outside, surrounded by nature, has a favorable impact on one's mental health. A vertical garden gives you all of the natural effects that you require. Plants have a relaxing impact on people, which helps to relieve tension. Vertical gardens can also help to improve one's mood. According to studies, being in nature increases happiness, positive social interaction, subjective well-being, life purpose, and a sense of meaning.

Saves space

If you live in an apartment building, you only have a small area on your balcony to produce a garden due to the lack of outdoor space. A green wall allows you to maximize your area while still getting all of the benefits of a garden. Because vertical gardens are linked to the walls, they do not take up any extra space. All you have to do now is make sure the plants are placed in such a way that they receive enough sunlight

Increases biodiversity

A vertical garden not only adds to the biodiversity of an urban area by providing plants, but it also provides a safe haven for birds and insects. We are increasingly eradicating nature as a result of the development of numerous structures. This has an impact on a wide range of creatures. Making a vertical garden is a great method to help these endangered birds and insects find a safe haven.

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